Travel by car and save money

How can I save money by travelling with my car? How to reduce your fuel consumption? Why does maintaining your vehicle save money? There are two solutions to gain financial wealth. The first is to increase your income. The second…

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4 tracks for a successful business trip!

The stakes during a business trip are high: you represent your company in a new market, whether in France or abroad. You must therefore prepare your business trip as thoroughly as possible to limit the unexpected. This is how you…

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Cultural codes: how to behave abroad

I’ve been looking for a long time for a comprehensive book on cultural differences. I finally found it and I am sharing it with you today. Presented as a guide to doing business around the world, this book advises us…

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How to manage a jet lag

Jet lag, or jet lag, is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided after a long flight if you have crossed more than three time zones. Its effect is greater when travelling eastward. Travelling westward, you are in fact moving “with…

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