Travel by car and save money

How can I save money by travelling with my car? How to reduce your fuel consumption? Why does maintaining your vehicle save money? There are two solutions to gain financial wealth. The first is to increase your income. The second is to reduce your expenses. An important part of my current budget is devoted to transportation. So here's a question I asked myself: "How can I save money with my car? "Here are a few thoughts.

Choosing the right vehicle

I'm not going to make a speech about choosing a model that consumes less, it seems to me that everyone is quite concerned about this point. You should still be able to make a decision in accordance with your expectations of the vehicle and your lifestyle. You can make a simulation of your car budget with an online comparator. These simulators help you to find a suitable model. The online estimates will also show you whether a gasoline or diesel vehicle makes more sense based on the number of kilometres you drive each year.

Driving differently

A simple way to save money is to change the way you drive. Smooth driving reduces fuel consumption. You must therefore learn to anticipate to avoid unnecessary acceleration and deceleration. Air conditioning can also be a major source of fuel consumption. So use it wisely. Park in the shade in summer and ventilate your car before turning on the air conditioning! Be sociable! Yes, carpooling allows you to avoid unnecessary trips and optimize fuel consumption. If you need to save time sleeping or working, find a driver. If your car is empty, find co-car drivers to lower the bill. Sharing a trip with strangers is an opportunity to meet new people and hear new stories! is a simple, fun and safe online service for cheaper travel.

Car maintenance

A well-maintained car will cost you less in fuel! And that's not all: you also save yourself from unexpected mechanical problems that can be very costly. Check your tyre pressure regularly to save energy. Tires at the right pressure can save money on short and long journeys alike. Not to mention the safety aspect! Maintain your car and check your tire pressure before taking to the road, you increase your chances of arriving safe and sound! The choice of tires is also important depending on the season: winter tires increase the grip of your vehicle and therefore your safety.

Reducing fuel consumption

The heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it will consume. So empty your vehicle of everything that is unnecessary and would increase the weight of the car. The same principle applies to your tank. It's better to fill your tank half-full than full: the vehicle will be lighter, even if you have to go back to the gas station more often. Go to the gas station in the morning or evening, when the temperature is lower. According to a basic chemistry principle (pV = nRt), the volume occupied is less when the temperature is lower. Since you pay for fuel by volume, the price will also be lower.
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