The secret of the richest man in Babylon

Let's plunge together into ancient times and stop in Babylon. Ancestral wisdoms will be revealed to the Babylonians and these will allow the city to become one of the richest and most abundant of its time. "The richest man in Babylon" is a fundamental work if you want to learn how to make your money work. The author gives us 7 commandments to earn more and more money.

1st commandment: Keep a part of what you earn

Whatever your profession, put aside a part of your income as soon as you receive your salary.

2nd commandment: Control your expenses

There are some necessary expenses and others that are your personal desires. Try to manage these and change your spending habits.

3rd commandment: Multiply your capital

Letting his money sleep in the bank won't make you richer. Look for interesting investments and start to undertake.

4th commandment: Keep your money safe

Only make profitable and safe investments. Be careful to surround yourself with people who are experts in their field and don't hesitate to ask for guarantees.

5th commandment: Make your residence a profitable investment

Become the owner of your house or apartment. Hurry up and pay your debts as quickly as possible and you will never have to worry: you will live under your own roof.

6th commandment: Make sure you have a future income

From now on, prepare a reserve capital for more difficult times. Ensure your retirement and the protection of your family.

7th commandment: Increase your ability to enrich yourself

Always seek to increase your culture, your intelligence and your address book. Don't rest on your laurels: many opportunities are coming up and you'll need to be ready!
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