Improve your career thanks to your e-reputation

Why take care of your e-reputation? How to use social media for one's career? Should I create a personal blog or website?

The importance of your e-reputation

E-reputation, or online reputation, is the perception one can have of a person, a company or anything else based on what is said about them on the Internet. E-reputation can be positive, neutral or negative. In the age of Web 2.0 (participative Internet), social media are at the top of the ranking of the most consulted sites. Social networks make it easier for Internet users to give their opinion. It is therefore only logical that online reputation is being built enormously on Social Media sites. At the end of the day, we can say that e-reputation is the opinion one has about all the opinions available online about a person or an entity. There are two major dangers with e-reputation. The first danger is not being present on the Internet: that it is impossible to find information, opinions, etc., on the Internet. The absence of an e-reputation can often block clients, recruiters, buyers or others in their decision-making process. Lack of information = threat? The second danger is having a negative e-reputation. This is the opposite of the main objective. In both cases the threat is based on negligence: not giving enough importance to one's e-reputation. What about my career? As an individual you also have your e-reputation. What is said about you on the Internet can influence your career (if you are an employee) and your professional activity (if you are self-employed). 3 watchwords: attract, reassure and engage! On which aspects? Your skills, since you are looking to offer and put forward. Let's see how to use your online image to improve your career. Position yourself as an expert thanks to social media Social media come in all shapes and colours. In order to achieve results, it is necessary to establish a strategy

Create a site to go even further

On social media you can participate in the life of the communities of your profession. On social media you also have more or less control over the presentation of your social media accounts. Only by creating a website can you attract, reassure and engage in the best possible way. Because it's a space that you manage entirely: you have more freedom. First track, you can create your CV online. An online CV is ideal for highlighting your skills. You have more space, more possibilities to create. An online CV allows you to detail the most significant experiences according to your career engine. Second track, you can create your website or blog. Yes this solution requires more time. Because you need to create content: write and publish thematic articles related to your activity. If you are passionate and want to give a boost to your career, keep a blog and update it regularly. First of all, keeping a blog gives you more credibility. Then it is an opportunity to create more contacts. Finally it will be an effective weapon to get your skills recognized and to place you as an expert in your field. Depending on the success of your articles, it is even possible to turn your blog into a small business. Today's big companies have all started small. Google, for example, started in a garage, but today you can't imagine the size of the rooms containing their servers to save and transmit all kinds of data from Internet users. In France we could use 1&1 for example, to support high internet traffic, having a good reputation in terms of price. You have in your possession all the elements to give a boost to your career with a better e-reputation. It's up to you!
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