How PIM helps you win the heart of the e-commerce customer


Customer experience is an important element to be successful, especially when selling products online. For customers to move from buying products from your online shop to your competitor’s shop is easy (just a click of a mouse). Therefore, it is important to give your customer the information they need when browsing online to stay with you. One of the most important systems you need to utilize is PIM. Ensuring that your customers are happy should be your number one concern if you want to dominate the market. Learn what a product information management system is and how it works to win your customer's hearts. For more information about product information management, visit

What is product information management system?

A product information management system allows for easy organisation of product data to ensure customers gets all the information they need on a particular page. It guarantees that every product description uploaded on your site is accurate and updated.

Changing or updating information about a certain product is easy. All you have to do is update or change the information in your central database and release it to the rest of the page. Product information management offers assistance on videos and images on your site to help customers make the right decision on a particular product.

Ways product information management can help your e-commerce business

Product information management help organisation to deliver what’s right at the right time to the right channel and in an acceptable manner. Below are some of the added value of product information management to your business.

Reduction of product returns

Customers will have enough time and information to prevent mistake buying thanks to the accurate product information on your site. Poor product information leads to customers buying products that will not be what they wanted in the first place. Using product information management will reduce the number of returned products and deal with irritating customers.

Based on research, 22% of customers purchase products they didn’t want or expect. 23% of those customers return the wrongly bought items. Therefore, it is important to offer up-to-date and accurate information to reduce business costs, avoid returns and give your customer the best experience of the brand.

Upselling and cross-selling

With the product information management system, you have the opportunity of grouping similar products together on your site to make customers have an easy time shopping. Also, you can use product information management to show people visiting your site the products that are similar to the ones on display. Therefore, you will help your customers get the right product to meet all their needs.

Provision of an integrated buying experience

A modern customer can use a wide range of devices when shopping online. You can make life a little bit easier for your clients and strengthen your product brand by offering a similar buying experience on different channels (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

Using product information management to come up with an integrated buying experience is an added value to your business since it can give your company a trustworthy and professional image to encourage more buyers. The purpose of product information management is to ensure that customers get the same information about a certain product regardless of the device they are using.

Offer a full view of products

The chances of having at least a work-impacting error are high on newly created product records. Product information management allows 360 views of your product. Therefore, you will have consistent, relevant, and accurate information in all your channels.

Reasons for having product information management

• PIM ensures that you have consistency in your product content
• Product information management keeps you honest since customers hate disappointment
• It allows you to serve a particular market section
• You can refine your brand message
• You can get a clear difference between you and your market competitors
• Product information management aim at bringing your team to work together
• You get to deliver enough brand information on your site
• Selling more than static images
• It drives SEO by incorporating information keywords on your brand

Thanks to product information management, you can easily transform the shopping experience your customer gets when buying products online. Instead of allowing your customer to get inconsistent and outdated product information, introduce the PIM system to offer relevant and updated information across all sites.

When your customer is happy when browsing your site, you will enjoy the conversion rate and returns. Therefore, invest in offering the best customer experience and utilise the product information management to win the hearts of customers in the e-commerce market.

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