Business creation: 2+1 reasons to get support

What a great adventure it is to set up your own business! For a year now, I have been coaching companies that want to improve their Internet visibility. And whether you try the experience alone or in a team, being surrounded, followed and accompanied is essential to persevere and maximize your chances.

Here are 2+1 reasons to be accompanied in your projects!

Knowing how to surround yourself to benefit from the experience of others It takes time to set up a business! I haven't counted my hours, day or night, to offer a service that will satisfy my first customers. And afterwards we often realize that we could have been more efficient on certain points, faster on certain steps. Unless you're 100% innovative, there are always people who have already done most of the work you're going to do to launch your business. Why not take advantage of their experience and save time? Long live networking! Interview the entrepreneurs in your network, meet them and ask them for advice. "I don't have the time", "I need to focus on my advancement". It's true that an entrepreneur often has his nose in the grindstone. Just remember that taking an hour to talk to someone can... make you lose an hour... or save you several days of work thanks to advice, ideas and recommendations! Another advantage: going out and meeting the members of your network will help us avoid burnout. We'll talk about it right away!

Being followed to keep your motivation

Let's say you start your own business. If you are accompanied by an organization you will have regular meetings with other entrepreneurs and discussions with your personal advisor. Well, these appointments in your diary will serve as a commitment for you. When we make a decision in a public way, we commit our credibility. Psychological studies prove it: we are more inclined to follow a resolution or achieve a goal if we have committed ourselves to do so in front of others. An entrepreneur, especially if he is alone, is confronted with doubts and blues. When accompanied, the entrepreneur meets with someone who offers solutions. But he will also gain in motivation: everyone wants to keep their commitments to maintain their credibility. On the subject of motivation, it's no secret that an entrepreneur often feels lonely. Being followed by an experienced advisor is also an opportunity to get out of this isolation when necessary.

Being accompanied to take advantage of new opportunities

Like me, you hear it everywhere: in business school, in bestsellers, on business and personal development blogs. The network is our most powerful weapon. And I completely share that opinion. The power of an active network is HUGE! Imagine that you are faced with a specific problem. You will, on your own, search with all your might for a solution to that problem. How do you do that? Thanks to your experience, your reading, your knowledge, etc... Now imagine the efficiency gained if you DOUBLE these efforts to obtain a solution. Being surrounded, followed and accompanied means having strong allies who will help you find new opportunities and new solutions to your problems!
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