4 tracks for a successful business trip!

The stakes during a business trip are high: you represent your company in a new market, whether in France or abroad. You must therefore prepare your business trip as thoroughly as possible to limit the unexpected. This is how you will be as relaxed as possible and best able to meet the professional objectives you have set for this trip. Here are a few tips to help you make your business trip a success...

Safety first

If you are going abroad it is important to find out about the political situation in the country you are visiting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides you on its website some prerogatives to follow. This travel advice can be of a general nature for travellers going abroad. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also offers specific advice for each country. As long as we're talking about security, let's also take an interest in your health! Respect the prerogatives found online concerning the vaccinations to be done before your departure! Make sure that you get vaccinated in advance to make sure you are vaccinated on time!

Learn more about the local culture

Always if you go abroad, learn about the local culture! Whether before departure or during your flight, first try to learn a few words of the language of the destination country. We are happy when a foreigner says a few words like "Hello", "Thank you", "Please" or "Goodbye". The reputation of the French is not good when it comes to foreign languages. We are often seen as egocentrics who only want to speak their beautiful French language. Let's see it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself: your foreign partners will appreciate your efforts all the more.

Organizing the practical aspects of your business trip

First of all: "Where are you going to sleep?" This is often our priority when we go on a trip: finding accommodation. And of the 90% of people you meet, you will wonder where you are staying. Whether it is in a private home or in a hotel, you can book your accommodation online. Second question: "How will you get around? "Plan your means of transportation according to your destination and your budget. Then make sure you can communicate on the spot! Is your hotel equipped with Internet? Does your telephone package allow you to call abroad or is it better to use a prepaid phone on site? Finally, organize your appointments. You need to plan your agenda for all your scheduled appointments. Make sure you have enough time to get to each appointment. Another possibility is to rent an office or a room where you can welcome your partners, suppliers and clients. A final tip is to draw up a checklist of things to expect before, during and after your business trip. You gain visibility... and therefore peace of mind!
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