3 levers to restore your company’s image

Published on : 22 April 20203 min reading time

How can you improve your company’s reputation?

What media should you use to find new customers?

Where do you simply have to be?

Traditional media

In any basic communications course you will be taught the advantages and disadvantages of the major traditional media such as television, radio and print. Let’s see why it doesn’t concern you and what particular strategy will bring you fame AND clients.


Let’s not dwell on television. Unless you run Coca-Cola and have enough bottles to sell to the world… ” What about local television? “will ask me some. To which I answer with another question, “Who watches them?”

The radio

Radio is a more affordable medium than television. But you still have to have an adapted budget. Radio can be a reasonable choice when organizing events or launching special operations. If the radio station in question becomes a partner in the operation it is even more interesting. As always, make sure that the typical listener is part of your target audience! Depending on the broadcast hours your message may also have a different reach.

The written press

The quarter page of a newspaper is not cheap, it’s true. Especially when you’re paying for an ad that will only be published once. The most interesting lever regarding the print media is the trade magazine. If you’re in a niche market, it’s easy to find the trade magazine relevant to your product or service. The advantages are manifold. It is easy to find the magazine whose typical reader is your typical customer. In these niche sectors magazines have little competition, so enthusiasts in your sector will have less choice when it comes to subscribing to a magazine. If you publish a relevant and attractive promotion, there is a strong chance of reaching this entire population.

Fairs, congresses and exhibitions

Nothing like human contact, that’s true. There are countless trade fairs, congresses and specialist exhibitions taking place all over France. These are interesting solutions for both B2B and B2C companies. Make your company known, find new partners, increase the volume of your customer portfolio. So many potential objectives for companies participating in these events.

To make its place in these shows it is essential to work on your presentation. The attractiveness of your stand is an essential element in the success of your exhibition. Know how to appeal to the participants. Also learn how to showcase your product or services. By what means? By demonstrating simply, clearly and quickly the EFFECTIVENESS of what you offer.

You can offer gifts to make sure your visitors will remember you. It’s important that they take some of your business home with them. Ideally, you should provide them with literature: brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. Use an online printing company to produce these items.

But the most important thing is that you collect information about them: names, contacts, email addresses, etc. Make sure that the visitors to your stand leave you enough information to contact them afterwards… all with a smile!

Like the major manufacturers at the motor show, highlight your product or service on your stand.

Internet and social media

You already know my love for the Internet and social media. Yes I think it is an exceptional support to make your company known. And of course to increase its turnover! The advantages to improve your reputation are numerous with Web 2.0: low cost, virality of content and information, easy to gather information, etc.

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