What is a Shopify merchant?

Shopify merchant

Published on : 23 June 20223 min reading time

Shopify is a standard, well-known eCommerce store worldwide. It is a subscription-based platform that fosters the growth of other businesses that sell products online or physically. This can also be done through emails, social media and blog posts to increase your sales and enable you to reach your target without moving an inch. This article major on the pros and cons, the importance of Shopify shop and how you can sell and purchase.

How to sell and purchase with Shopify stores

You first start by setting up a functioning website, including the following information; hosting web, domain name, inventory management system and finally shipping functionalities in Shopify cloud since the platform is a cloud-based software. You can also include specific features to your liking depending on what you are customising and selling.
As a Shopify seller, you can sell almost anything and in different means like physical products, drop-shipping and online products. Examples of products include; home appliances, clothes, beauty products, online classes and ebooks.
This Shopify shop is a safe place to make orders, sell and make transactions since it is guided and governed by a set of hard and fast rules, meaning nothing illegal can be exchanged. Products prohibited include; weapons, firearms, video game credits, and any form of drugs; alcohol, and electronic cigarettes. You can also sell online on many platforms like; Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter or in person, led by Shopify POS hardware or mobile phone.

Importance of Shopify

  • It enhances sales and promotion
  • It offers accounting, inventory management and reporting in business
  • Shopify stores has logically structured features
  • It works well for stores that sell products and services that need a minimal configuration

Pros and cons of this platform


  • You can use Shopify tools to build your business considering the marketing using emails and blogs, search engine optimisation and shipping with discounts.
  • The startup cost is affordable with a relatively low monthly fee.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Secured and reliable
  • You get to experience beautiful themes where new and subscribing merchants have a variety and free articles to choose from.
  • Best for drop-shipping, way simpler
  • Easy to use and work with: main reason why merchants prefer Shopify stores
  • You experience a lot of technical support from emails and phone devices


  • Most shopping carts have transaction fees which may not be the preferred payment processor for buyers.
  • The Shopify platform lacks desirable advanced features that are only available on costly adds-on.
  • Customers venting about stained customer support that is unable to assist in resolving their issues.


Technology has evolved worldwide, making it easy to conduct business without moving an inch. It has led to the development of the Shopify eCommerce store where you can sell and buy without fear of being scammed or receiving prohibited products, thanks to the Shopify store for holding high strict rules and regulations.

This platform is reliable since you can purchase in the comfort of your home using your mobile device as soon as you are done setting up a functioning website. Advertisement is also done in most social media accounts to increase the number of your clients and merchants. If you are yet to start transacting with Shopify shops and stores, it’s high time you join this fast-growing platform.

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