Running a business, how do you manage your time?

As an executive or business manager, time management is something you should probably never put aside. While being at the top can be tedious, with an optimized organization, you will manage your time better, since too much time can be a difficult problem to solve and will directly affect your company's performance.

Manage your time to perfection by prioritizing priorities

Above all, what you must ensure is that you take direct control of the smooth running of your company by drawing up a detailed list of priority tasks to be carried out, or to be perfected, or to be finalised. In fact, prioritizing the different tasks according to their degree of urgency and priority will not only help you to manage your time in the company, but also to prevent worries that may complicate your task even more. Above all, avoid juggling several tasks at the same time at the risk of overburdening yourself too much, so stress is guaranteed! If need be, opt for corporate coaching or learn to delegate instead of working alone.

Surround yourself with high-performing people

Even if you are an outstanding leader or manager, that doesn't mean you can do everything! Yes, the more you fill your head, the more you will plunge into absolute stress, and the more your company will suffer the consequences. A successful leader or manager must trust his team to better organize his work. So, learn to divide tasks, especially those that are beyond your control, to qualified people. The same goes for those that are not your responsibility, which you must of course entrust to your subordinates. Don't also hesitate to create leaders with impeccable leadership skills who can effectively manage your teams' time. Of course, time planning can be applied to the business leader as well as to his or her employees.

And above all, stay focused!

To optimize your working time, instead of stressing yourself easily, try to concentrate as much as possible. As a company manager, you must devote more time to exchanges with your employees. In this case, organise a weekly debriefing meeting, which will obviously be necessary for you to ensure the smooth running of your team and especially of your company. In short, good concentration on your part can not only help you to manage your time, but also to take charge of your employees' motivation and job satisfaction to boost their productivity even more.
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