How to proceed with the domiciliation of your company?

The company domiciliation is a crucial step in the creation of a company. Registration with the RCS will not be possible without the company's domiciliation address. The choice of the registered office presents some major issues for the company that should be studied.

How to domicile a company?

The registered office corresponds to the legal and fiscal address of the company. It becomes the nerve centre of the company. The company's domiciliation therefore indicates the physical address, which may be different from its place of business. The address of domicile determines the nationality of the company and by ricochet will define the legal and fiscal framework of the company. It will be displayed on all documents concerning the company. All mail intended for the company will be sent to this address. It is a strategic choice for an investor because it offers favourable conditions for the company's sustainability. The law offers a wide choice for the domiciliation of a company. Firstly, entrepreneurs can opt for the purchase of a building, which is often too expensive for young entrepreneurs who lack financing. They can also choose to rent office space or to domicile their business at their personal residence address or at the home of one of the managers. The company may also use a domiciliation company to establish its head office. It is the latter type of domiciliation that we are particularly interested in.

The advantages of commercial domiciliation

The commercial domiciliation is the official address proposed by a domiciliation company. Domiciliation companies, also called business centres, are companies that specialise in providing domiciliation services for companies at their premises. They offer their services to companies that want to receive customers in suitable premises. They offer a prestigious address to entrepreneurs. The address of domiciliation must reinforce the credibility of this one with the partners. Thus, the premises are already equipped and fitted out to receive customers. Apart from the premises, the centres also offer services that are indispensable for the smooth running of the business, such as administrative assistance services. On the financial level, the cost of services can be adapted to the company's budget. The commercial domiciliation then makes it possible to reduce the budget considerably, an alternative to buying or renting a building. Telephone switchboards also limit the cost of hiring staff to provide these secretarial services. A domiciliation company is established in a strategic location. It is advisable to choose a domiciliation company in areas that are attractive to investors. Commercial domiciliation is made easier thanks to the Internet. Many domiciliation companies are available on the Internet. You only need to take a little time to compare the offers. You can take all the necessary steps to subscribe to your direct debit contract online.

The importance of a direct debit contract

A good domiciliation company is one that meets the needs of the company. If you have decided to go through a domiciliation company, the domiciliation contract is essential for the registration of the company with the RCS. The agreement between the company and the domiciliation company takes the form of a domiciliation contract. It contains the obligations of the parties to the contract. The domiciliary company must be domiciled at the RCS and provide the premises to the domiciliated party. The domiciliation companies must hold documents on the legal representative of the domiciled party. The domiciliated company is obliged to make effective use of the premises and to inform the domiciliated party in the event of changes of activity. It also gives a mandate to the domiciliation company to act on its behalf. Violation of these rules is punishable by fines. In short, the commercial domiciliation has non-negligible advantages especially for a small company, but it implies certain obligations to the latter.
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